Kindred brings people in our community together to make positive change. We invest in socially-trading organisations (STOs) to create a kinder, fairer economy in Liverpool City Region, through money, support and collaboration. 

We’re a community interest company, or CIC for short, led by our community of STOs. And we use our resources to help businesses across Liverpool City Region that are using their entrepreneurial spirit for good and creating social impact in the places they work.

Our vision is for a Liverpool City Region that’s a kinder and fairer place for us all, with an economy that helps to grow the impact of businesses that trade socially. 

We have two main jobs:

Membership – a collaborative, peer-to-peer support network to develop and grow our collective impact and make a difference across Liverpool City Region.

Money – we support the region’s STOs with money to help them grow and multiply their impact. And, when they’re successful, they pay that money back and help others too.

 What makes Kindred different?

  • Our work is led by the community of STOs which we serve
  • Kindred was developed by over 150 STOs in the region
  • We’ve received support from LCR Combined Authority and Power to Change – but are independent of them
  • We’re designed to offer a unique kind of support and money that you won’t find anywhere else, recognising the value of social impact
  • Money invested by Kindred will be used time and time again, as the businesses we invest in pay it forward
  • Our collective value will be measured by our social impact – not just our financial returns
  • Any money is loaned at 0% interest. STOs may also have the option to repay money partly in social value, meaning that money could be repaid by demonstrating the social impact you create. Each arrangement is specific to the needs of the STO

    If you want to be a part of a community that’s helping make Liverpool City Region a better place, join the Kindred community. #TogetherWeAreMighty.