We’re looking for four Kickstarters

Are you able to clear away rubbish and make way for better things? Re-use, re-imagine, be inventive and challenge the way things are?

If you care about the society in which you live, like to work collaboratively alongside people who want to make a difference, then you might like to work with Kindred. Kindred supports socially-trading organisations and harnesses local entrepreneurialism for social good,

Working alongside the small team at Kindred, your focus will be attracting and introducing younger people – potential emerging entrepreneurs – to the Kindred community. In a supervised team of four Kickstarters, you’ll develop ideas for change, locate spaces and places – real, virtual and imagined – in which you/Kindred will host conversations and micro events. You’ll be encouraged to have your own ideas, develop plans and learn to direct your own projects.

Our Kickstarters will be encouraged, not to ‘think outside the box’ but to cut the box open and join their team in reshaping it – using whatever is to hand.

Skills needed (what we’re looking for):

  • be willing to work collaboratively
  • be interested in the world
  • be keen to challenge things – constructively
  • be adaptable

Skills you don’t need (we will provide):

  • confidence (we will find you some)
  • experience (that’s what we’re offering)
  • specific qualifications (they’re not always what they seem)

Working with Kindred you might be: photographing, sweeping, talking, sharing, making over space, designing, ordering, shopping, typing, posting, filming, organising, measuring, chatting, moving things, introducing, researching, cleaning, interviewing, overseeing deliveries, creating content, inventing, supporting, painting, sharing.

Working: 25 hours per week, usually 3 days @ 8 hours a day, occasional evenings and Saturdays. Can be flexible.

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