The True and Fair campaign

Kindred has signed up for Social Value International’s True and Fair campaign, which encourages and empowers company directors to include sustainability in their financial statements. While there has been a raft of sustainability reporting initiatives in recent years, they’re predominantly programmes that separate sustainability reporting from financial information. 

Kindred’s vision has always seen a more equitable form of trade as a way to forge stronger communities and a more equal economy in Liverpool City Region.

The challenges many of the socially-trading organisations in the Kindred community tackle –like rising social inequalities and climate change – have created a shift in what is seen as ‘sustainable’ business performance and how business, investment and consumer decisions are made. 

The campaign points out the relevance for small businesses, employing fewer than 50 people. There are 5.5 million small businesses in the UK and, it says, existing sustainability reporting requirements are complex – and predominantly designed for the country’s 43,000 medium and large businesses. Often, small businesses are aware that their operations contribute to issues such as climate change and inequality – the campaign creates a mechanism for them to recognise and report on this.

“Kindred’s mission is to help build a kinder, fairer economy in Liverpool City Region. Making sure that organisations report not just on their financial results but on the way their work impacts on the environmental and social challenges that we face, is crucial to this shift,” says Kindred director Jen Van der Merwe. “While many socially-trading organisations already do this, we know there are other, pro-social businesses across the region that are doing great things and leading by example. We invite other companies to sign up to the True and Fair campaign and support a system that recognises all impacts that an organisation creates.”

Now, Social Value International and Social Value UK is working with networks including Business Declares, Capitals Coalition and Social Enterprise UK, to develop guidance and support for directors who want to account for their impact on people and planet. 

To find out more about the campaign, and sign up head to the Social Value International website…

Main image by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash.