Kindred x Peloton #03

Get yourself a new bike AND feel warm and fuzzy by supporting one of our Kindred community

The team at Peloton came to us with a great idea to support the Kindred community. They’ve already been busy supplying key workers with bikes during lockdown, and are now donating a custom-finished bike every other week, which we’ll auction to support the Kindred community.

This week we’re supporting OLCOTWISH CIC, which stands for ‘Our Little Corner of the World in St. Helens’. OLCOTWISH is a community business that helps refugees and asylum seekers progress with their language and formal training and provides opportunities for paid work in the future. Café Laziz is a community café, run by volunteers from the refugee and asylum seeker community. It serves freshly-cooked hot Arabic vegetarian meals, where children and asylum seekers can eat for free thanks to a ‘pay it forward’ model supported by the local community.

This week’s bike is a large ruby red step-through number, with six gears. It comes with a WeeRide seat that’s suitable for children up to the age of around three (depending on size!) and is removable should you need to. Peloton has been piloting a parent-and-child cycling programme called Molly Coddle – find more details below.

Our lovely bike features:

  • six-speed step-through in ruby red
  • large frame
  • WeeRide seat for toddlers

Just DM us your bid for the bike on Twitter, or drop us an email here

About Peloton

Peloton Liverpool aims to create a cycle industry which serves the people of Liverpool, keeping money, ideas and skills in and for Liverpool.

Molly Coddle

Pre-lockdown, Molly Coddle was designed to increase the number of women involved in cycling, offering it as a sustainable form of transport for the family. Using specially-designed bikes and carriers, the Peloton team gave parents guided rides around the city’s parks, with children aged between one and four. Rides are around 45 minutes long, and designed for up to six women. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with Peloton via their website.


Peloton’s aim is to create projects using a scatter approach, to get a wider understanding of what’s required to create a true sustainable cycling culture. A business with social purpose right at its heart, it runs bike maintenance hubs and workshops, bike building classes for people in recovery and creates cycling opportunities for young and older people. It also runs Agile Liverpool, a cargo bike courier service, which you’ve probably seen delivering laundry and food across the city during lockdown.

Want to find out more about Peloton? Head over to their website

DM us your bid! Send us a message on Twitter, or bid by email here

Get your bids to us before 6pm on Friday 14 August, when we’ll notify the highest the bidder.