After looking for a new direction and greater satisfaction in her own life, Jill Barlow, founder of Jigsaw Coaching CIC, now helps others to reach their full potential too.

“Throughout my career I’d always managed projects aimed at improving health,” says Jill. “But whether this was in a business, a charity or an educational setting, there was always one theme I kept coming back to; how where we work and what we do plays a crucial part in this.”

Fascinated by how some people thrive on challenge and variety; while others prefer a routine, repetitive job they can switch off from, the one thing clear to Jill is how hard it was for people to get the support they needed.

Whether dealing with dissatisfaction, discrimination, or the daily juggle of achieving a happy and healthy work-life balance, Jill wanted to do more. So, in 2017 she went on to qualify as a coach before setting up her own social enterprise, Jigsaw Coaching CIC.

“It was while working for the NHS that I realised I wasn’t utilising my skills, and my confidence was ebbing away,” says Jill. “Yes, it was great having a secure job, but I knew I’d find more fulfilment helping people who were feeling lost or dissatisfied to get connected to what matters to them – whether at work or in their home life.”

Jigsaw specialises in supporting people who wouldn’t normally be able to access coaching services. Its vision is to create a world where the journey of self-discovery and growth are accessible to everyone.

“Through our one-to-one sessions and workshops, we inspire people to explore their inner hopes and ambitions, helping them to create a vision of a better future for themselves,” Jill says. “In a safe, confidential space, people can identify their strengths and harness them to address blocks in the way and what they can do to lead more fulfilling lives.” 

Working across the Liverpool City Region and beyond, Jill and her fellow associates’ approach is multi-faceted and, now with the support of Kindred, are reaching even more people.

“I first heard about Kindred through a local network and since becoming a member have met so many incredible like-minded people working in social enterprises,” says Jill. “Thanks to Kindred’s investment we’ve been able to focus in on the areas that are most important to us, such as supporting small business owners, people who are long-term unemployed, have a health condition, a disability or a visual impairment (VIs).”

With a new Jigsaw website due to launch in early 2024, we’re sure that more people will benefit from the services offered by this life-changing company.

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