Fiona Shaw – communications and creative lead

Fiona runs Wordscape, which leads on Kindred’s communications and membership. Fiona is responsible for Kindred’s creative direction and communicating that to members, stakeholders and a community of STOs in Liverpool City Region and beyond. Alongside her colleague Andrew, she brings insights from other projects nationally and internationally to bear in Kindred, plugging it in to a wider network, and provoking conversations about how our economy could be different.

On a practical level, this covers a range of communications, from the website and its copy to branding, social media, newsletters, PR, STO storytelling, film and events. She also works alongside the delivery team to reflect Kindred’s learning to stakeholders, through evaluation, member communications and emerging narratives and works directly with STOs as part of a peer-to-peer collaborating community, helping them define their messaging to communicate what they do, articulate their value, and take their stories to wider regional and national audiences.

Wordscape’s expertise lie at the intersection of good business, sustainability, innovation and communication. It helps brings stories about innovation and the new economy to its work with clients – and takes its clients’ success stories out into the world, too, building community and identity.

Alongside her work with Kindred, Fiona is studying for an MBA in responsible business management at Berlin’s Steinbeis University.