Insights from our pilot round

Insights from our pilot round

Kindred offers patient money in the form of repayable grant with no interest. We’ve now invested our first money in socially-trading organisations (STOs) that trade commercially and deliver social benefit. It’s part of our vision to diversify and boost Liverpool City Region’s economy, post pandemic, and make it a kinder, fairer economy.

We have committed £1m to our first round, with £650,500 already with our first 17 STOs and discussions underway with another five first-round organisations for a further £300,000.

Kindred’s work is gaining local and national press, for both the innovation of the approach, and the work of our STOs. We’ve also evaluated our pilot round ahead of a second round of investment. Our evaluation findings directly address the government’s levelling up agenda and #BuildBackBetter commitment, including: 

  • STOs fill gaps in supply chains and address market failures that traditional business did not respond to, offering a pathfinder to a new economy
  • STOs offer speed and agility to the Liverpool City Region economy and its communities and should be grown to increase resilience
  • ‘Collaborating communities’ appeared to perform better than those working in isolation, so opportunities for STOs to support each other should be developed and the impact measured to provide better evidence For more information about the Kindred approach and model, please get in touch with us for a briefing by emailing

Download our evaluation here…