Adele Myers – BlaST lead and delivery team member

As the BlaST programme delivery lead and a founding member of the Kindred Black-led social traders (BlaST) network, Adele facilitates the support of Black and mixed ethnic-led organisations that collaborate, champion each other and trade viably for social and environmental benefit, whilst increasing community health and wealth. She provides an effective interface between BlaST and the wider movement of socially-trading organisations across the city region, supporting Kindred’s vision of creating a kinder, fairer economy in Liverpool City Region.

Kindred’s empowerment methodology recognises that the foundations of any community are rooted in the hearts of its people. As part of the Kindred delivery team, Adele is confident that, as we approach the region interjecting the power of opportunity and support, we will see passion and commitment to a new innovative creativity that will be the start of a new collaborating communities model, pioneering the social economy.

Adele is committed to ensuring relationships are built, resources are secured, opportunities are shared and the contributions of socially-trading organisations are promoted to thrive.