Social Directory

One of Kindred’s key objectives is to support the growth of the social economy in Liverpool City Region. As part of that mission, we’re launching a directory of social businesses, so that we can create one place where you can find listings for all businesses that have a social purpose.

We’ve had lots of feedback from members of the community and beyond – you want somewhere to find each other, and businesses want to be able to find good social businesses to work with.

There are a number of benefits to creating a directory:

  • You can find other socially-minded organisations, to network, collaborate and support each other
  • It can help organisations that wants to buy services from social businesses to find them; so we can support the social economy through increased contracts and trade
  • We can demonstrate the size and scope of the social economy in LCR, showing what a growing and powerful sector it is
  • And we can invite the broader LCR economy to support us, by becoming increasingly pro-social

    You can sign up to be in the social directory by filling in this form. Once you’ve shared your details, they will appear in the social directory once it launches.

    Of course, the directory only becomes useful when it reaches a certain critical mass, so please ask your pro-social collaborators and colleagues to sign up too. We plan to spend the autumn and winter months compiling the listings, before we launch in spring 2023.

    You can read our full data protection policy here, and just give us a shout at if you have any questions.