Waterloo Hotshots

Waterloo Hotshots CIC is a community-focused organisation directed by John Fenton, a qualified Tennis Coach and ex-High School Teacher.

John has been playing tennis at top league level for over 30 years; he has a wealth of experience in the game as well as a great aptitude for teaching and learning and social enterprise.

Waterloo Hotshots’ focus is on uniting communities by giving everyone an equal opportunity to access courts, equipment, coaching, and the great game of tennis. We run many of our projects at Waterloo Lawn Tennis Club and work with other coaches to offer various services to a range of different people.

We see the sport of tennis as a great way to integrate with others, develop friendships, keep fit and have fun.

Our aim is to offer tennis coaching to as many people as possible by making it accessible and affordable, with a view to building our communities physically, mentally and emotionally.

37 Ronald Road Waterloo
L22 3XU
United Kingdom
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    09:00 am - 02:45 pm
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