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Waishee Coaching

I am Nicola, a Body Confidence coach! I help women to find and step into their True Authentic selves, by empowering them with Body confidence.

I do this with Fitness and Mindset Coaching.

I help:
• WOMEN who struggle with food and body image
• WOMEN who want to step into their power
• WOMEN who want to nourish their bodies with fitness & strength
• WOMEN who are fed up with dieting
• WOMEN who want to accept themselves
• WOMEN who want freedom to express themselves

I have has over 16 years in the Fitness Industry and throughout that time felt some of the messages and information my clients would come to me with were very negative towards the way they felt about their bodies. I broke away from the traditional personal training i.e. helping people to lose weight and diet and started learning about Body Positivity and Mindset and discovered very quickly massive changes within my clients. Not necessarily with the way they looked but with their mindsets. “Once you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” You can change your body, it is totally possible, but the results are short lived and if you don’t change how you feel about yourself you will be on a continuous cycle. I’ve had my own battles with not liking my body image, feeling like I have to be perfect in order to teach a fitness class. Endless dieting and chasing the next ‘fashionable’ body image. I ended up suffering with an Eating Disorder, Infertility and Injured from excessive exercise.

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