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Shortwork is a social research organisation based in Liverpool with clients across the UK. We provide bespoke research and evaluation projects, as well as training, to public and third sector organisations.

We are experts in qualitative and creative research with a focus on gathering rich information about people’s experiences. We specialise in participatory research methods which empower members of a local community or service users to take the lead in gathering data, drawing conclusions and reporting their findings. Led by Rowena Hay, Shortwork brings together a network of Research Associates with expertise drawn from a range of fields including health, social care, the built environment and the arts. The team are united by a commitment to research that does more than tick the box, but results in real change that is of benefit to individuals, organisations and communities.

All the projects we work on have a social aim or ambition. Through our participatory research work we aim to 1. Rebalance the hierarchy between research findings produced by people and institutions with power, and devalued knowledge generated by people with less power. 2. Generate better research questions & methods that are more relevant to a particular place, context or community. 3. Hear from different and diverse viewpoints 4. Strengthen relationships between people and organisations, and build new partnerships. 5. Provide evidence so decision makers can mobilise resources to implement solutions grounded in the reality of the people and communities they serve.

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