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Scrapyard Studios

Building Community Through The Arts
Scrapyard Studios was formed in 2018 to celebrate and promote the arts and community.
We are a CIC - a Community Interest Company.
This means we exist to strengthen the communities we serve. We're not here to make a profit.

What do you do?
We run workshops and projects in music and visual arts.
We strengthen the community by uniting people through common creative goals.
We help people gain confidence and learn new skills.
We are the lead organisation for WIMIN Festival - Liverpool's new all-women music festival!

What can I get involved in during 2023?
Join us for a free project such as Bootle Guitar Club, Rail Explored, Rock Choir, or Youth Choir.

Record or rehearse in Studio 5, our professional recording studio.

For women in music, there will be an array of events.
These will kick off with Gals Who Gig performances at The Lock & Quay.

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