Rule of Threes

We make small but beautiful arts projects, produced with time and care, that embed contemporary art practices in everyday life.

In the garden, the Rule of Threes determines how best to plant your vegetables, suggesting combinations of plants that co-exist harmoniously and support each other to flourish. This describes the way we hope to work with artists and communities. We aim to create agency and change for people and their local neighbourhoods, bringing together artists, producers and local people. Our current strands concern spatial and economic justice, and the rights of children and young people. Rule of Threes is a not-for-profit company based in Sefton, Merseyside, established by Maria Brewster and Sue Potts in 2018. We are committed to supporting the development of co-created arts practice within all of our work. Our projects support early career artists to develop their work and create opportunities to work alongside established artists in a community of practice model. As a social business, we offer consultancy and partnerships. We reinvest any surplus generated into community projects, supporting artists and seeding new ideas.

c/o Bluecoat, Liverpool
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