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Open To Create... is a social enterprise using everyday creativity to grow collaborative, innovative, socially driven communities. We work with a range of creative, digital, and social entrepreneurs to grow themselves, with purpose and passion, without getting burnt out and losing their way. We help you to rejuvenate your imaginative potential so you can tackle our world’s biggest problems with your most creative solutions. Depending on the person's or team's needs we use tools like creative coaching, enterprise mentoring, playful, fun and quirky facilitated sessions and/or solution focused hypnotherapy to help people sleep better, feel better and find their happy. Our mission is to be part of a co-creating a more inheritable world where delight, joy and togetherness are possible through better personal wellbeing, community rejuvenation and the consciousness renewal of our planet.

Open To Create… which came to life in 2011 offers a range of students, graduates and social enterprise leaders access to coaching, mentoring and training through our partnerships with School for Social Entrepreneurs, University of the Arts London (UAL) and our work with Baltic Creative and University of West England (UWE). All this work is available to participants via funded programmes supported by the Arts Council (ACE), Postcode Lottery and Stride. I am particularly keen to see this work I do on a more national level be enabled within the Liverpool City Region and this is work I aim to scale up in 2023 and beyond. Committed to co-creating a more equitable, mutually co-creative and healthier world Open To Create… is a key brand ambassador to the Look Like Me Book Challenge; changing the narrative for black children and young people to become bestselling authors through co-writing their own children’s stories. The animation of the young people’s book The Popcorn House is currently being considered for option by CBBC, ITV and Netflix. I have a core pro bono programme of support such as coaching throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns for creatives who were sick and/or out of work. I am in the process of developing a sliding scale programme to open up more access to our work for those who at the moment money is a barrier to entry. Ideally this will eventually be a pay what you can model but this requires a wider piece of research, partners, and funding We are committed to giving back to our local communities through our Give as We Grow programme partnering with key local stakeholders to invest in local food bank and housing programmes helping communities such as The Big Help Project, Autism in Motion (AIM) and Hope Street Homes. This looks like offering pro bono consultancy to fund and launch a co-designed new creative colouring book with The Big Help Project to support Winter Hubs and foodbank communities. I have recently worked with Park Hill Road Allotment, where I am a member to raise funding support via Liverpool Food Growers Network to open up our community food growing space to our Dingle and Toxteth, L8 communities.

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