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Founded in 2013, NEO quickly became recognised as key providers of food assistance and support throughout the local community and has grown in size, success and delivery through the sheer determination and passion of the entire NEO team.

Proudly achieving charity status in March 2019, NEO has continued to broaden, develop and deliver a range of services in support of our local and wider community.

Pay-As-You-Feel: How does this work?
In our shop, café and for all services, NEO operate a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ system. The pay-as-you-feel concept is a fundamental element of NEO and is as important to us as reducing food waste.

People are asked to pay what they think is a fair price for the goods or services provided, at a price they can afford. But with regard to affordability, we equally value the alternative of people volunteering their time, skills and energy to support NEO. This can be as simple as offering to wash the pots, clean the windows, or help us to ensure everyone can access our shop (take a bag for a neighbour). We have found that the pay-as-you-feel concept fosters a sense of community, and enhances the relationship between the people who run, use, and volunteer at NEO– something that doesn’t happen in the mainstream economy.

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