Mind moves

Mind Moves Services CIC is a unique business which provides a mobile mentoring service designed and tailored to meet the needs of the individual or group and truly believes that:
We all need support in life at certain points and the right support at the right time is invaluable.

The mentoring programmes are run out and about whist on the move and away from the formality of offices and desks. This approach helps to encourage an open and trusting conversation in a relaxed environment at a pace that suits the mentee. The initial concept of Mind Moves was developed from acknowledging that many people will naturally open up and discuss personal issues with a taxi driver during their journey. Mind Moves adopts a similar concept which includes walking and cycling to nurture conversations and develop positive relationships which also has mental and physical health benefits for the mentee. Some people find targeted discussions over a table too intense and either do not seek the help and support that they need. This can result in people not receiving the appropriate support which can make a positive difference to their life.

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