Merseyside Somali and Community Association

Merseyside Somali and Community Association was established in 1979 by Somali seamen to address their needs in areas of employment, social, housing and health needs. Over the years the organisation has grown to become one the largest Somali community organisations in the North West.

MSCA has a proven track record of service delivery going back almost 40 years.

There is a large and growing sector of the community that relies on the services that MSCA offers. We provide a much-needed, vital lifeline for local people who would otherwise not have the support they need to deal with a growing range of issues and challenges they face on a daily basis. As well as the traditional client base of the Somali communities, over the last five years we have seen widened participation and take up of services and facilities from new communities such as Syrian, Sudanese, Libyan, EU citizens, Ethiopians, Eritrean and many other refugee communities.

We deliver services in direct response to expressed need and levels of demand from the community: centre users and local residents talk to us about their needs and concerns. We check annually that we are appropriately by undertaking an annual user survey.

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