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You don’t have to work yourself into a pretzel to get funding.

As funding becomes more competitive, and funders become more selective, your applications need to read as a sure-bet for funders. You need to be funding-ready.

As a result, you need to demonstrate some key milestones to be successful.

To serve our clients best, we take pride in:

+ getting to know your business operations,


+ understanding what you do best,


+ exploring how your organisation creates impact (with robust measurement),


We then scan for funding opportunities, support you to put together a grant-ready bid, audit your plans, write the funding applications, and help you to scale your vision with grant reports and monitoring and evaluation plans.


We are matchmakers for the changemakers and more!


We can help you to…

+ identify funding streams,

+ strategise on the most aligned ones

+ that allow you to maintain services

+ and propel you to scale.

We can write the grant/funding bids for you and help you to select an evaluation strategy that works for you and your community including case studies and focus groups.


+Due Diligence+

We make sure you have the right structure to apply. 50% of grants fail to go through step 1 because they are not eligible.


We survey your community’s needs, so you know what your community needs and why. Community outreach and independent surveying is key! Our surveys have been recognised by the American Psychiatric Association and taken up by Acorn Psychological Assessment.

+Investment Return Reports+

We help you to craft reports, so you can show a return on investment, particularly for grants >£30,000.



Luna has 20+ years of research and evaluation experience - working within government in education, police, departments of health, as well as in schools, prisons, career services, community interventions, and the NHS.

+Expert Strategist+

Dr Luna is an award-winning researcher in psychology and mental health, having led the training of 100s of clinical psychology doctoral trainees in reputationally World-Leading Universities.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, recognising those who are having an impact in their communities.

Luna has led large-scale evaluations for multi-million £ investments in community-wide interventions, including Cradle to Career, Troubled Families, & Millennium Birth Cohort studies - the first was funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

She has experience and success of National Lottery funding, local council funding and various Trusts throughout the UK. She has supported CICs and charities such as Motherwell, Centre 63, Kasa, and Beautiful New Beginnings.

Contact Dr Luna to learn more!

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I/ We meet a social need

I/ We pay the living wage

I/ We share the wealth we generate

I/ We train our team members

I/ We work with local suppliers and/or people

I/ We work with others in the Kindred community to share ideas and support each other.

My/ Our trading income is higher than our grant funding