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Granby Toxteth Development Trust

Granby Toxteth Development Trust is an independent, local charitable organisation which is based in the Toxteth area of Liverpool. We are the Community Anchor Organisation for south-central Liverpool.

We have been in existence since 1994 and our main aim is to help improve the social and economic well-being of residents and businesses within the area and its surroundings.
As the Community Anchor Organisation, GTDT wants to help and encourage local people to take an active role in civil society. We believe that the most sustainable form of community development comes from deep within the community itself, rather than being imposed by government or profit-driven businesses.
But we also believe that this is not easy and that all communities face challenges and barriers that can impede the progress of civil society.
We have many roles in this process and we welcome the opportunity to help local people - as individuals or as groups - to maximise their potential and take a more active part.

Services We Provide
We provide various services and manage a range of projects which we promote on this website and through partner organisations.
We are independent, non-political and non-religious. We are not part of the Council or the Government and we receive no funding for our core costs (staff, rent, utilities etc). All of our services need money to operate and we raise this by submitting bids to funders. This is a lengthy process and we are always in competition with other organisations. If we cannot raise the money we need, we cannot deliver services.

129d Lodge Lane
L8 0QF
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0151 734 4925
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