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Akoma Arts

I’m a local artist, born and raised in L8, with over 20 years experiences working in community arts. A socially engaged artist, activist and videographer. I’ve been running Akoma Arts since 2016. Creating a range of artwork - greeting cards, framed art, t-shirts et al. I am a Digital Artist creating a range of positive images that reflect our beautiful, interesting and dynamic African culture. My practice combines design, videography and Photography to create digital artworks. Taking inspiration from people, places, symbols within African history and culture. I’m pursuing my passion of bringing local images to global audiences.

I’ve organised a myriad of activities – poetry events, film screening, lectures, launch events exhibitions et al. In 2017 I set up Afrikan Village Market, an indoor cultural market for artisans, craft makers creatives, from the African Diaspora, to showcase and sell their art.

I continue to run community activities, and creative workshops. in addition to social history and archiving projects such as websites Liverpool Black Archive Hub and Yore Lens on L8. LBAH https://lbah.co.uk and https://yorelensonl8.co.uk. I continue to engage in Social history activities exploring Liverpool’s Black Archives to promote and catalogue cultural activities from Liverpool's Black Community.

I’m the founder of LADFN (Liverpool African Diasporic Film Network). The Liverpool African Diasporic Filmmakers Network is a collective of filmmakers, and other creatives, from the African Diaspora that incorporate black identity in their work. Our aim is to connect Creative Black Communities in Liverpool, focusing on Practitioners who use film in their practice. We aim to enhance the Black creative presence in the city.

1, Aspen Grove, Aspen Yard Studio 15
L8 0SR
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